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Delivery is within 48 hours for this secondary colour range, for 24 hour delivery see our primary range. The deadline for orders received is 1pm.  Orders received after this time will be delivered a day later.


This masterbatch is based in polyethylene and is fully compatible with all polyolefins. Compatibility in other polymers is dependent on the polymer.

Although not universal these masterbatches have been used successfully in a variety of polymers. We suggest that if you have an application for non-olefinic polymer you carry out a thorough investigation in order to prove suitability. It is our opinion that there is not a truly universal masterbatch available from any source that will be unaffected by the strong natural colour of polymers such as HIPS and Glass Filled Nylon. Overdosing masterbatch to compensate for an apparent weak colour can result in de-lamination, stress cracking, reduction in tensile strength and other defects.


Stock masterbatches are designed for addition at 1% for mouldings with a wall thickness of 1mm. More or less may be required depending on the wall thickness or opacity required.


Any Quantity down to 250 grams can be supplied. This means that you can purchase Just Enough for your current requirement thus avoiding surplus stock at the end of a run.


Packaging is in plastic pouches or sacks, which can be supplied as pre-weighed Unit Packs containing just enough masterbatch in each pack to colour 25 kilos of natural polymer. Weighing ingredients is unnecessary and spillage is avoided saving time and material losses.


All masterbatches in this range of products will meet the following Technical Specification.


All masterbatches in the Small Stock Range have a minimum heat stability of 260degrees  Centigrade.


All masterbatches in the Small Stock Range have a lightfastness minimum of 6 on the blue scale.

PELLET SIZE:        1mmx2mm


All of the colours are designed for use in Polyolefines. Specifically HPPL, CoPPL, Random  CoPPL, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE etc.

Colour plaques are moulded in HPPL using 1% Masterbatch. Slight variation may occur   particularly when using the non-clear polymers.


If you need assistance, sample tiles or have any other requirements please contact customer services.


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