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brand colour matching companyProcess Performance Masterbatches are designed to assist plastics processors in efficient production. Some are available of the shelf, but more often than not, customer’s specific needs have to be engineered into the specific formulation.

When fully optimised to meet customer’s processing conditions, these masterbatches can make a massive contribution to processor plant efficiencies, improved cycle times and overall costs.

In some situations downstream users of moulded parts also make processing gains. So our customers can again promote valuable selling propositions into their product offering. It should be remembered however, that a bespoke solution matched to a processor’s specific requirements is more likely to deliver the best results.It should also be noted that it is possible within technical limits, to incorporate these performance masterbatches with a colour masterbatch thus reducing costs still further.

End user product performance enhancing masterbatches

These masterbatches are designed to incorporate specific properties in the final product e.g. antistatic properties, flow line reduction, shrinkage reduction, U/V protection.

These are designed specifically and/or incorporated with a colour masterbatch to reduce processing cost wherever possible. Some of the Process Performance Masterbatches may also enhance End Use Product Performance, in which case, the final combination of masterbatches will be finalised with the customer, when the correct technical / commercial balance has been struck.