colour suite pmb

PMB have invested in a new colour matching suite.

This new addition allows you to have your colours matched and approved on site, all in the same day. Couple this with complete access to our expert colourists from our state-of-the-art laboratory, and you can approve complete ranges without the worry of postage costs or untimely delays.

The Colour Selection Wall gives a large variety of shades, hues and tones to get you started. We have also over 50,000 colours within our library included very detailed sections dedicated to effects and additives so you can see the results first hand. We have a number of light cabinets available too, so shop-lighting, artificial daylight – even office lighting and UV can all be taken into consideration.

The suite is fully Wifi enabled, so your office is never too far away.

Book an appointment with us today, to create your latest product range in-house.