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The potential for a scientific thesis at this point might be tempting but is beyond the scope of this website. We would urge you to contact one of our technical experts to get a well informed answer to your specific query or problem.

It follows that there are a very large number of variables that could be considered when designing and manufacturing a plastic product. Add to this those variables associated with masterbatch and you end up with very long list.

• Physical properties required in moulding
• Toxicity limitations / meeting legislative requirements
• Shrinkage characteristics associated with pigments types
• Dimensional stability
• Base polymer colour difference
• Matching same colour in differing polymers
• Melt flow characteristics
• Impact of special effects in plastic
• Increased risk of flow line development
• Incorporating performance additives with colours
• Cost reduction pressure
• Optimum let-down rates
• Light fastness of colours
• Heat stability of formulation and pigmentation
• Pigment loading optimisation & colour strength
• Opacity requirements
• Designing for differing plastic processes
• Colour distribution
• Moulding conditions
• Reducing process cycle time
• Managing formulation and process effects
• Weather testing facilities