For the purposes of product developers, designers and marketing people it is important that you can achieve what you want in the minimum time, and at the lowest cost. In the process you will be assured that all the necessary variables are being taken care of.

From a product design point of view we believe the following things will at some stage be important to you:

• Competent colour matching provided by some of the industry’s most experienced colourist and chemists.
• Access to the latest innovations in pigmentation and special effects.
• Innovative scientific capability to design effective performance additives.
• Objective assessment of targets and achievable results in different polymers.
• Access to well informed scientific expertise in the development of bespoke formulations to meet the needs of your products.
• Well informed and equipped technical staff rapidly supporting your colour match requirements.
• Capability to forecast commercial colour costs based on differing formulations.
• Ability to predict strengths and weaknesses of differing formulations in different processes.
• Free selection of colour plaques and free trial samples.
• Electronic Colour Design allowing you to significantly speed the whole process up.
• Managing metameric effects.