design services pmb

At PMB we understand that it is important that the project can be achieved in the most efficient time but also cost effective, to assist product developers, designers, and marketing professionals bring their product to launch.

From a product design point of view, we believe the following key aspects, which are always available at PMB will at some stage be important to you and your team.

• Competent colour matching provided by some of the most experienced colourist and chemists
• Access to the all the latest pigments and special effects
• The design of effective performance additives
• Ongoing assessment of what is an achievable results in different Virgin & PCR materials
• Access to in-house expertise in the development of bespoke formulations
• Commercial forecasting available at every stage of the development process.
• Maintenance of brand integrity and consistent management of colour
• Managing metameric effects
• Electronic Colour Design allowing you to significantly speed the whole process up